3 Kings

Private Collection

24" x 36" Oil Original on Canvas | Plein Air

This Mighty Oak

This mighty oak is 3 trees in one. Growing from a single stump, it is the grandest around. It's canopy is the very first of morning to catch the sunlight from our morning star. Perched on top of a knoll gives it the extra reach it needs to be first and foremost.

This plein-air oil was paited on canvas with palette knife and brush in the early morning hours of fall as the first light of day was gleaming off the mighty trunks.

Meeting with Heaven

Everyone needs a place of reflection and devotion. Many a time I have spent moments thinking, wondering, pondering and praying here.

Do you have a special place of retreat and solice? Do you have a place where you reach out to Heaven with your soul and connect? You need one! This is that special place for me. God will meet you places, if you invite Him.


Private Collection

18 x 24" Oil Original on Linen | Plein Air

We were all here learning together, some painting the same scene and some wandering off elsewhere. I was captivated by the glow of the orange boat in the first morning light. As the morning progressed the window of the boathouse came alive in brilliant green as the sun dressed the bank behind it in it's radiant glory. The light, the shadows, the simmer on the water made this scene an adventure.

The boat here was begging for a ride. All morning long, the brim and bass were swirling underneath the boardwalk. With the slight breeze and cool morning temperatures I didn't want to leave. That is, until the light rain started : )

Whereas so often I love painting mostly with the pallet knife, today was all about the brushes and practicing brushwork. Thick juicy paint with a little painting medium to make it flow and lush. I enjoyed this day and some good teaching by Kyle Buckland - great artist and wonderful person.


Private Collection

18 x 24" Oil Original on Canvas | Plein Air

I had made a custom, oversized, plein air table which I tested on this day. Worked great and allowed easy and safer portability of larger painted canvases from the field

Newnan, Georgia

I had an opportunity to visit a beautiful estate home in South Georgia to paint with a group at a workshop event. The first scene that we painted was this lovely field road. In the middle of the field road was a grove of hardwoods that the gravel road parted like the red sea and passed right through.

This overcast morning was perfect for painting this scene, for later in the afternoon the sun popped out and with the sun came the bold South Georgia heat.

A larger version of this painting is coming soon for sharing.



9 x 12" Watercolor Original

Shadowy Drive Watercolor

Often I'll find feathers of the dove here, naturally left behind by my happy feathered friends. As doves are a sign of peace, sometimes you will find the feather of a dove embedded in a wax signature seal on the back of my paintings. I say, "PEACE unto your life and your family! " : )

Shadowy Drive Watercolor Zoom

This place where we often come and go is the center stage where the first morning light breaks through the shadowy drive. Mama and baby deer during the right times of year, come across it. The squirrels, the doves, the rabbits come morning and night for a treat. Just at daylight I like to spray handfuls of seed on the ground. And, my joy is full all day as life comes and goes while I work and watch through picture windows.

This is one of my very first watercolor paintings. I was surprised at how brilliant the colors were. It was so much fun to paint. Many of the watercolor paintings I've seen by other artists are 'looser' and with more watery flow- so beautiful and spectacularly unique. Perhaps one day I'll try one like that. But for today, this one put a smile on my face. Hope you enjoy.

$625 | Available

9 x 12" Watercolor Original



You might be amazed at how refreshed you are after just a few minutes outside with a short stroll and a few deep breaths, simply pausing to take life in for a minute. The world can wait sometimes.

Oil Original | Plein Air Study

All around me are trees. My home studio is surrounded by beautiful woods. No other home can be seen from here. When fall comes, the colors are absolutely wonderful. But even before fall arrives, the beauty of the variety of hardwoods and pines is fun to paint. With the slight turn of the head is ever a different scene. The variety, complexity, simplicity and beauty- the push and pull and sway of life, makes me marvel at what an artist God is.

This quick study in the morning light was a fun warm up for greater things to come.